April Went Quicker Thanks to Beer and Liquor
My friend, we'll call him Chuck, sent a group text to a bunch of us the other night asking, "How much have you spent in alcohol the past month?"   He claimed it was for a "school project" which got a chuckle out of the crew.  But soon after, the responses (and dollar amounts) started to fly.
Watch Chrissy's Mom Give You Hugs & Kisses Drink
My mom continues to stay busy mixing up her favorite drinks during the coronavirus lockdown. It all started as a paint and sip without painting and now she is up to her seventh concoction. This time it's a drink called Hugs and Kisses.
New Boozy Ice Cream
How do you make ice cream more delicious? Well one popular ice cream brand has added alcohol to a few of their gourmet flavors.
You’re Doing Your Drinking All Wrong
Saratoga Brewfest is just around the corner, and in anticipation for this great event, I'm going to share 5 mistakes that you might be making with your booze. Here are five mistakes you might be making with booze . . . 1.  Using a frosted beer glass...