Best Bars in the Capital Region [LIST]
You've been there, all of your friends are trying to decide where to go but you can't decide on a bar. Next time you're debating, take a look at this list and pick from what New York Upstate says are the best bars in Upstate New York.
New York Restaurants Won't Show NFL Games
As more and more people continue to weigh in on their thoughts about players "taking a knee" during the national anthem on various social media platforms, some New York restaurants have already told their customers they won't be showing NFL games.  Are you a local bar/res…
Top 5 Bartending Secrets
As you all know, I enjoy a visit to my local bars every now and then!  I enjoy talking to the bartenders and the people around me.  So, when I saw this list of "Bartender Secrets", I was very intrigued!  I guess once you have a few drinks, you think, hey this bartend…
Last Call
Saratoga Springs went through this earlier in the year but nothing transpired as bars fought to remain open until 4am.  Now Glens Falls will take a shot at closing bars earlier.
Top 5 Favorite Albany Area Karaoke Bars – Scott’s Picks
This Thursday, myself along with Brother Lou Roberts will be judges and Kevin Richards will be your host  for this month's installment of Country Idol Karaoke at Vapor in the Saratoga Casino and Raceway. The best singers in the Albany area have a chance to win $5,000. I love to sing myself and love …