So this February I went down to the Daytona 500 and it turned out Jake Owen was also at the race to perform. I was stoked because I love Jake and his music: both are just fun and easygoing. I was very fortunate, however, because he invited me to come see him the night before the race where he was doing an acoustic show for Budweiser and his buddy, Kevin Harvick.

I like to tell this story to people because it shows the kind of guy Jake is, and how amazing I'm sure he will be at Countryfest this year. He was only scheduled to do about an hour that night and in the end, you couldn't get the guy off the stage. Not that anyone wanted it to end.

He had his family there, including his little girl Olive Pearl who was backstage. At one point in the concert he was telling us that when he is working on a song he knows it's good if Olive dances and that this song he was about to do she ALWAYS dances to. So he thought it could be a hit. I remember liking the song a lot but it wasn't until I just watched this video again that I realized it was his latest hit, "Beachin.'" If you love that song like I do, and you love adorable kids, you will love this video.

Here is Jake trying to get his little girl to forget there is a crowd cheering in front of her and just get into what daddy is singing and dance.


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