Are you as obsessed with true crime stories as I am? I feel like there's always a chance that I could help in solving one, and that's especially true with these cold cases from right here in the Capital Region.

New York Upstate found 18 cold cases from the Upstate New York and a few of them are from the Capital Region area. Take a look, maybe you remember them, or maybe it's something new- either way, it's nice to not forget these cases and hope that someone can help solve them.

  • In 1998, Suzanne G. Lyall was getting off the bus at Collins Circle on the SUNY Albany campus. She never returned to her dorm but her ATM card was used at an Albany Stewart's Shop the next day and her employee ID was found at Collins Circle two months later. Police are still actively investigating this case but so far, no new leads have been released.
  • Jeanne M.Scrima was reported missing after not appearing at her divorce proceedings and was last seen March 19, 1980. Her car was found in Fultonville several weeks later.
  • Lutricia Steele was last seen by her family leaving her residence in 2008. No other updates have been made public but police are still making a concentrated effort to solve this case.
  • 14-year-old Edward Croley disappeared off the streets of Albany in 1991 after he never arrived at his school. Almost a year later, woodcutters found Croley's skeletal remains on private property. They have determined that he died as a result of blunt force trauma but have no further information.

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