If you like the fact that you can just drive up to Saratoga, find a spot and enjoy your entire day strolling downtown and having a bite to eat, that soon may change. It may cost you to park. It's not always easy to find a parking spot in Saratoga Springs, but soon, when you do, it could cost you. According to News 10, the city has done a study and has received bids from various companies about a smart parking system.

They got a fifty eight page plan from a company named LAZ Parking that would recommend a pay by phone parking system. But some feel that this would harm local business. A study showed that paid parking systems decrease business ten to thirty percent. There is a petition in place against the paid parking system.

There is another solution that local would like to see. They want more spaces and to build a parking garage. The city says that paid parking would bring in more revenue for the city.

Saratoga Springs plans to accept a bid on May 1st. The public would will get a chance to weigh in after the first phase of the parking study is complete.

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