On the Fourth of July, I broke my own personal record - two hamburgers and two hot dogs in one sitting!  For me, that was bragging rights.  For Joey Chestnut, that was an appetizer! 

According to Newser.com , Joey Chestnut did it again for the 7th time.  He won the Nathan's Famous National Hot Dog Eating Contest.  Get this, folks.  He swallowed 69 franks in 10 minutes.That's like 7 a minute.   Wow, I'm proud.  I figured that out myself.



Joey won for the guys, and Sonja Thomas (right) took it for the women! She had 36 3/4 of the tube steaks

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Kind of reminds me of our Helmbold's contest that we judged recently at the Joe Bruno Stadium in Troy.  That was amazing enough to witness.  I can't even visualize 70 hot dogs being ingested.  So to Joey -in whatever bathroom you're in right now - we send you our deepest congrats (or condolences, whatever works for you)