We had quite the time at the Joe Bruno Stadium celebrating Helmbold's 100th anniversary.  We got our fill of baseball that nite, but these people got their fill of something else - HOT DOGS.

At the top, we would like to thank Helmbolds for this event.  This was hysterical (although at times a little disturbing)   Sean and I were the judge and jury - trying to watch the play by play and determine a winner while witnessing red faces, bulging eyes and enlarged mouths filled with delicious hot dogs.  I tried to film the event with one hand while holding the microphone in the other, so excuse the shaky results, but here's how one of the "heats" went down

Photo by Richie


photo by Richie

Our very own Flounder jumped in at the end and entered the race.  He ALMOST won!

photo by Richie

The Winner - Returning Champ "Gentleman Joe" handily took the trophy