20-year-old Trevor Harwell of Fullerton, California does computer repairs. Last week Trevor was arrested.

Turns out, when Harwell would repair a woman's computer, he'd secretly install a piece of software on it.  The software would give him remote access to the woman's webcam.  And he would use that access to take NUDE PHOTOS of the woman.

The software would pop up a message telling the woman that the computer's internal sensor was malfunctioning and the laptop needed to be near HOT STEAM.

More often than not, the women would take the laptop into the bathroom while they showered, and Harwell would take nude photos.

He was caught when one woman's father saw the message on her computer and realized it was suspicious.  That led to a major investigation into Harwell.

He's been charged with 12 felony counts for illegally installing the software and recording the women without permission.  He's looking at up to six years in prison. I hope he gets his own shower scene in prison. Poor girls just wanted their computers fixed.