When you type the next letter to someone, wouldn't you want to appear brilliant?  How about as smart as Einstein?  Well, why not use a font that is based on his handwriting? 

I read this on Quartz.com, and it is a very cool way to look ten times more intellectual than you are.  Are you familiar with Albert Einstein's handwriting?  How about Einstein himself? He was that smart guy that talked about his relatives (theoretically)?  Anyway, here's the deal.  A very smart programmer figured out a way to create a font that replicates his scribbling almost exactly, and has a Kickstarter campaign going to get it produced.  Check this out!

Isn't that amazing?  Can you imagine sending your client a proposal that would look like the smartest person in the universe created it? Instant raise, guaranteed!

By the way, not to name drop, but my grandfather used to "jam" with Einstein.  In fact, he taught him a few licks on the violin.  I have this picture that remains one of the most cherished things that we own. (Grandpa Milton is on the right) We don't know who the other guy is! The photo was taken way out in Eastern Long Island back in the late '30s.

Richie's Grandfather with Einstein
photo by Richie Phillips

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