Every so often, we hear about an ATM that was somehow hacked locally and it usually catches us by surprise. Now, the FBI is warning us that a bank heist is likely soon and will affect millions globally.

The actual words that were used by the FBI, according to The Verge, was that we should expect a global attack in "coming days" and most likely on a Saturday when banks are closed. The FBI was tipped off that cybercriminals would hack credit card processors to use ATMs all over the world to withdraw millions of dollars within just a few hours.

They also pointed out that usually in these situations, they attack small-to-medium sized financial institutions who tend to have weaker cybersecurity and more open to these kinds of attacks. They continued the alert by saying "The FBI expects the ubiquity of this activity to continue or possibly increase in the near future" and hope that banks will step up their security by either two-factor identification or stronger passwords.

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