"Hey, I have virus protection on my fancy, fancy laptop.  That's definitely enough to keep the hackers away, right?"  Not so fast...

Nope, not any more.  Think about it.  There are new viruses generated on a daily basis.  Someone's probably cooking up one right now as we speak.  How can the anti virus software that's been on your computer for 2 years keep up with all of it?  Simple - it can't.

According to EsecurityPlanet.com, there's an easy way for a hacker to bypass anti virus software.  Quoting:

All a hacker has to do when designing a piece of malware is run it on a computer with that anti-virus product to see if it will be detected. If it is, then the hacker can modify the code until the anti-virus software no longer detects it.

If you read the article it will tell you seven different steps to stop a hacker.  They include a good firewall (which your cable company usually provide ), keeping up with updates when they come out, and using a password manager that generates really long passwords that you don't have to remember (all you have to do is remember the master password and then the software takes care of all the other ones you have.

Bottom line: Be safe out there, but don't get too relaxed just because you see the little icon saying your computer is scanning for viruses.

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