There have been a rash of break-ins in Clifton Park neighborhoods. Police are asking for the public's help to find the burglars.
 There have been homes and cars that have been broken into in two neighborhoods in Clifton Park. Police are warning these residents to be diligent and make sure you have everything locked. Burglars are entering unlocked cars and homes.

According to News Channel 13, police are investigating burglaries in the neighborhoods of Country Knolls West and Clifton Knolls. There have been a few incidents over the last two weekends between midnight and four in the morning where criminals have broken into unlocked cars and homes. They have gotten into cars in driveways and even entered homes through unlocked garage doors.

Items stolen were money, electronics and even a gun. Police are asking residents in those neighborhoods and surrounding areas to lock all doors. If you have information about these incidents, you are urged to call police.

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