This is fantastic.  It just shows you how stupid we all are when it comes to reading the fine print.  So please read the large print to follow

According to an article on, a bunch of folks did an experiment in a public spot and set up a free wifi area.

When people signed up for it, they first had to click on one of those long legal disclaimers. Many blindly did (as we all do).  Well - little did they know that in the copy, they agreed to give up their first born child!!!  LOL

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Amazing, huh?  Now ironically, I am writing this post from a "myfi" connection in a public place, so I guess I'm not much smarter.  But if this experiment doesn't make you rethink all of the things we all click on without reading, I don't know what does!   Watch it, folks!!!   On top of that, users also exposed their Internet traffic, personal data and the contents of their email to an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot set up by security researchers using techniques that malicious hackers could also exploit.



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