On Open Line Friday on the morning show we got a call from Becky Bowman about her daughter Kaitlin.  They are raising funds for Kaitlin's care and for a playground in Corinth to be built in her honor.

I asked her to send me a message with info on a few fundraisers they are having, and I got this note from her:

Thank you all so much for helping to share Kaitlin's story. Kaitlin is my daughter and was born seemingly healthy until she had a seizure one day two weeks before her third birthday. She was diagnosed 9 months later with a fatal disease called late infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis which I'm told gives her a life expectancy of 8-12 yrs old.
She went from walking and talking to being wheelchair bound, tube fed, blind and unable to speak.
If people want to know more, they can check out her website for upcoming events at www.ComeTogetherForKaitlin.com and her blog at www.ComingTogetherForKaitlin.blogspot. com.
We are holding one fundraiser a month through October and are scheduling two more as we speak! We already have the plot for the playground and are very excited to bring an inclusive playground to Saratoga County where children of all abilities can play together!
Thanks again so much!
Our love,
Becky and Kaitlin Bowman

This is a video of Kaitlin's journey -

I'm hoping you'll all follow the links to help out a great local family who needs us!

And, to Becky and Kaitlin, we're pulling for you guys!

Let's come together for Kaitlin!

Photo: cometogetherforkaitlin.com