Three local banks have pooled their donation funds together and handed over a check to help the victims of the devastating Cohoes fire. After the November 30th fire that ripped through Remsen street and neighboring blocks in downtown Cohoes, the community and the entire Capital Region rallied together. Key Bank, Pioneer Bank and CAPCOM opened funds for people to make donations. Today they came together to present the check to the victims.

All of the donations and the fundraisers were brought to the accounts held by the banks and more than $100,000 was collected. This includes the generous donations of our WGNA listeners who helped us raise over $5,000 at the fundraiser we held at the Cohoes Dunkin Donuts.

The cash was turned over the the Catholic Charities of Albany to disperse to those in need. It will act as the lead agency to administer the funds. The 35 families that were affected will meet with case managers to make sure the money is given out in a fair and equal way.

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