We had a fantastic morning at the Hannaford Supermarkets on Wolf Road in Colonie for our Blue Friday fundraiser.   I tried to take some photos, but I was a little busy. However this one was my personal favorite, and I think it speaks volumes

We were told that there was a little boy at the event who had made up a poster and  wanted to show Sean, Bethany and I.    Luckily his mother, two siblings and grandmother came up to our table so we didn't have to find them.

What was on that poster really hit me emotionally,  especially when you think of what we were there for.  Here it is.

Logan's Blue Friday Poster
photo by Richie Phillips

In case you can't  make out the words, it says

 "My name is Logan Jacob Arkazana.   My birthday is February 26.   I am six years old. I have five people in my family and four pets. I love to draw pictures. When I grow up I want to be a policeman..


That last line really made me think. With all of the negative publicity towards the police these days,  and the danger they put themselves in every single day to protect us,  it makes you wonder if Logan when he grows up will want to pursue this fine profession. We certainly hope he does. We certainly need committed people to fill the  places of those will retire eventually.   Don't give up the dream, Logan. We need you!

Thanks to Logan and all who came out and supported Blue Friday this year.


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