This is a kind of a neat opportunity - to actually do something of a serious nature for a change. And as for YOU, here's a chance for you to plug your upcoming charity event on multiple radio stations in our Townsquare family

Ok, time for transparency here.   I am actually a fan of talk shows.  I guess it's a good balance after listening to or creating music as much as I do each day(and of course, that's my first love, but "talk" might be my second.)

You can laugh all you want, but I always  tuned into Larry King on CNN.  If you ever listened to him, I think he was very underrated.  He never blabbed on and on with long winded questions or tried to upstage the guests.  There's a certain art to it, and you should never be afraid to try something new, so here I am.


Each Sunday morning at 6am we air "Capital Region Sunday", and there are (3) 10 minute segments.  I will be snagging one of them.  The show will air on ALL of our local Townsquare Media stations, including Rewind 105.7,  Q103 , 104.5 The Team, 107.7 WGNA FM and Hot 99.1 FM.

Would you like to be a guest?  If you are involved in a 503c corporation (charity) and have an event coming up, I will try my extremely rudimentary interviewing skills on you, but then again -who cares about that?  The bottom line is that you will get your message across to all these Sunday morning early risers FOR FREE.  I will also follow up with a blog.

Send all of your information to or find me at Would love to hear from you.  I am booking October and November guests right now, and the calendar fills fast!

So to