Oh, and I thought I was getting such a great value when I shopped at Whole Foods!  Not!


When I heard about this story this morning I thought it was just the Whole Foods in New York City, but no! The Whole Foods Market at Colonie Center was fined $11,600 following an inspection in January by the Albany County Department of Weights and Measures! The report found that prepackaged foods weighed less than what was stated on sales labels. I guess the deli and vegetable scales were accurate, but cheese products in some cases weighed less than the label indicated.  C'mon!  What a rip!


Two violations were also found at the store's register scanners.


In New York City some of the violations were so bad that In one case, the overcharge for a package of coconut shrimp totaled $14.84!  Really!?

A spokesperson for Whole Foods said in a statement -

"We want to assure our shoppers that Whole Foods Market has never intentionally used deceptive practices to incorrectly charge customers. In addition, and because we always strive to satisfy and delight our customers, it has always been our policy to fully refund any items found to have been incorrectly weighed or priced."

Do you think you'll be less likely to shop at Whole Foods now that you know about these charges?

Whole Foods Market - Colonie Center (Bro.Lou Roberts Collection)