Kudos to the these Colonie cops who always put care for the community first.  I can only imagine the looks on everyone's faces as a "parade of positivity" featuring squad cars from the Colonie Police Department made their way through the Shaker Elementary neighborhoods Thursday afternoon with lights flashing and sirens blaring.  The show stopper was when the Colonie police unleashed the armored 'Bearcat' on those who came out of their homes to see the show.  Waving signs and showing support for the teachers they miss so much and the men and women in blue, days were brightened and for a few moments, things like quarantine, the coronavirus , and being cooped-up was forgotten.

I saw on the Colonie Police Department facebook that residents in other cities started tagging other local police chiefs and departments urging them to do the same.  Due to social distancing, it's not possible for large crowds from other areas to gather, so the Colonie cops are respectful about how far in advance they 'promote' the parades, but I'm sure they plan on doing more.

Side note: I'd personally like to issue a challenge to the Albany Police Department to do something similar. I know Center Square and Lark Street in particular would show you guys nothing but love from our family, especially my little man Brody who admires his local men and women in blue.

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