A Cohoes High School student is facing charges after a fake threat he made to police.

According to WNYT, the 15 year old made a call to 911 around 1:30 '...saying he was going to shoot up the school.' Police responded immediately and were able to find the student inside the school using his cell phone signal. WNYT says he was unarmed and no weapons were found at the teen's home. The lock down was lifted around 2:30pm and students were allowed to leave the school.

Many things are running through my mind after reading this. First, thank god this was not a real active shooter situation. I can imagine the fear a lockdown itself would cause for those students at the school and for parents, and the relief they must have felt when this situation was deemed a prank.

And kudos to our local Police for being on the scene within in a minute, according to WNYT. It is comforting to know during a scary situation like this our local men and women in blue are so quick to react and keep our kids safe.


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