We got a great idea for a prank phone call from Angie, one our GNA listeners. She thought it would  be funny if we called her husband Adam  and questioned him about stealing apples on their most recent visit to the orchard.  While technically they didn't steal  she did admit that they were a little wasteful,  taking a few bites from the fruit before discarding them.  Angie also told us that her and her husband joked about how the orchards are cracking down and how funny it would be if they got in trouble. Clearly Adam was 'ripe for the picking' in our latest GNA Prank Phone Call!

If you think you know someone who needs to be pranked by The Phone Frauds, email Brian and Chrissy with an idea to mornings@wgna.com.

*GNA is not responsible for the pain and suffering as a result of being poked, prodded, giggled, laughed at, made fun of and embarrassed as a result of the call!