Here's the prank call Brian and Chrissy made to Rebecca from Schenectady asking her take part in a survey about daylight saving time. Brian really cranks up the creep factor just a few seconds in and poor Rebecccchhhaaayyy didn't know what to do!

Some people actually enjoy taking surveys and Rebecca from Schenectady is one of them.  Her sister emailed into Brian and Chrissy in the morning on GNA telling us that because of that, her sister would be a great candidate for a 'Phone Fraud' segment.  We decided that we would ask he a few questions about daylight saving time, but the survey took a very odd turn as Brian ratcheted up the 'creep factor' by repeatedly saying her name with a weird accent.  We're not sure what's more ridiculous: the way Brian orgasmically kept saying her name, or the fact that he claimed to be from the 'Metric Movement Bureau Of Public Perception' or MMBOP (as in the Hanson song) for short.  Enjoy our latest GNA 'Phone Frauds' entitled Daylight Saving Survey with Rebeccchhhaaaaayyyyyy! :)


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