Nicole in Clifton Park was immediately annoyed when we called her pretending to be a 'neighborhood friend' offering up some suggestions and changes to Halloween.  Some of the proposed changes included not handing out 'sugary sweet treats' to kids, instead opting for things like hugs, flu shots, seeds, and something called Reese's feces to which Nicole basically told us to $#@! off!  She was actually a pretty good sport, as the list of proposed changes grew more and more ridiculous by moment.  We just wanted to see if anything 'popped'. Here it is, the GNA Prank Call to Nicole in CP called  "Annoying Halloween Changes".

If you think you know someone who needs to be pranked by GNA, email Brian and Chrissy with an idea to

*GNA is not responsible for the pain and suffering as a result of being poked, prodded, giggled, laughed at, made fun of and embarrassed as a result of the call!


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