I've called the Capital Region home for nearly all of my 33-years. It truly is "home" in all senses of the word. I can't say I've ever wanted to be anywhere else. But I do miss some things.

The convenience of going down Route 9 in Halmoon into Clifton Park or Latham is great when you're in the need of something quickly; "Oh crap, I forgot so and so's birthday! I'll head to Wal-Mart." or "That event is tonight and I need a dress, I'll head to Burlington Coat Factory for a few!" But, I remember the days when you had to go just a little further because what was surrounding us were trees and land and farms.

It was beautiful really. It's how a lot of Clifton Park, especially, used to be.

I remember my Mom telling me how little traffic there once was and how growing up crossing, what is now such a major roadway, to get the school bus was a breeze. Now? Not so much.

Currently, there is a decision awaiting to be made on land that is just its natural beauty next to Shenendehowa's school campus. Should this area of land be turned into something, sold off for commercial building - or - do we keep it green?

When I look around at that area and remember what it once was, the decision is so easy to me - keep it green. Not everything has to have another strip mall that'll stay vacant. We don't need another nail salon or "New York" pizza shop. We don't need another box store taking out our local shops or even another Stewart's Shop to pop up when there are 5 within 10 minutes of the area.

What we need is nature. What we need is what is already there. I vote for natures green, not the green of someones bank account.

What do you think?

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