At 5-years old, I was loving the Muppet Babies and coloring. I wasn't doing the amazing things that Ella Dane Morgan,  from Clifton Park is doing.

In fact, I didn't have a single thing to put on my resume. Actually, wait, that's a lie. By that time I had used the vacuum hose as a microphone and still live with the scar on my chin. My first radio experience.

Ella Dane Morgan isn't adding a scar to her resume, in fact she's adding a big deal to it: Broadway.

Her entertainment career started at just 2 years-old in dancing, which lead to a love of being on stage and now a couple of years later she's heading to Broadway in New York City to be in the musical, "Waitress."

So how did this all come about? How does a 5-year old in Clifton Park get noticed by talent agents in NYC?! Her mother, Laura Morgan told the Daily Gazette that it started with some photos.

“I had a chance to catch up with a good friend [Lee Wilson] who also happens to be a great photographer. As we were catching up over coffee and talking about our kids, I told Lee about how Ella always says she wants to be on stage. Later in the conversation, I said maybe sometime in the future we could see how Ella would be in front of Lee’s camera."

In front of the camera she went and with encouragement Morgan sent the photos to New York. Then in August, Ella auditioned for the role of Lulu in "Waitress," which is the daughter of the lead character - and she got it!

Now through December 18th she will be gracing the stage four shows a week!

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