I went to the Great Escape over the weekend for the first time in a long time. I still love the nostalgia of the "ghost town" part and some of the other subtle things that remain. But I was shocked to find out that one of my favorite high flying shows was replaced. It never fails that when I go to the Great Escape, I always love to watch the High Diver and his daredevil act. The draw was always how high he would climb that skinny ladder and if he would make it in that not-so-deep pool. Well, that was all gone when I approached the "pool".

It appeared that the pool was turned into a circus arena. It was decked out with stars, hoops and animal paintings. I saw a nice older man who was near the area who appeared to work there and he could see the questions all over my face. I asked in my ten-year-old Chrissy voice, "Where's the high diver show?". He said that the pool area had been there since the 1960s and maintenance to keep it safe was harder to do each year. He also explained that with the "Greatest Showman" movie and excitement around it, they transformed it into a circus act. Complete with a motorcycle stunt show.

IMG_20190609_115436 (1)

I have to tell you, a little piece of my childhood died when he told me that my favorite death-defying high dive act was no more. I know, however, this circus show is probably just as entertaining.

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