NY's Largest Outdoor Roller Rink Opens-Not Bigger Than Guptill's
There is something being built in New York state that will instantly take you back to your childhood if you grew up in the seventies and eighties. The largest outdoor roller skating rink is being built in Western New York and opens in August. It will be worth the four-hour drive on the Thruway to en…
Met Tommy Lasorda-More Than Getting an Autographed Baseball
I was so sad to hear about the passing of the legendary coach of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Tommy Lasorda. I was fortunate to have met him, by chance, at spring training when I was 9 1/2. He was so nice and even gave me a baseball that he had the whole team sign. It was an awesome experience.
Alex Trebek's Jeopardy Shows End - What is...Feeling Empty
Like many, I grew up watching Jeopardy every night with my family. For me, I watched it religiously with my step-father, Jeff. He was a hard-working roofer but he was great at the game show. This week was tough. Not only was it the end of an era and the last shows with host Alex Trebek, but a part o…
Watch Chrissy's Mom do The Wooden Spoon Experiment
There was an online video circulating that showed how you can see just what still lingers inside wooden spoons even when you run them through the dishwasher. My mom utilizes the wooden spoon in many ways. Watch what happens when she puts her own wooden spoons to the test.

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