It was a rare weekend when Ryan didn't have any sports, so I and his Uncle Joey took him to the driving range. While his Uncle gave him instructions, I did what I always do, I cheered loudly at every swing of the club. I know that I am loud and obnoxious at Ryan's sporting events. I am also well aware that he is only eight and a half but I am enthusiastic and positive when I cheer for my son. I get mic-ed up during his games and we play it back on the show in a segment we call "Big League Chooch".

This weekend was a little different because Ryan didn't have any games. I needed to get my Chooch fix so I took him to the golf dome, bought him a bucket and let him swing away. Of course, I mic-ed myself up and was the loudest person at the driving range.

Here is this week's installment of "Big League Chooch". Enjoy

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