I am a super fan and the loudest at my son, Ryan's, games. We are now into flag football season and Ryan loves to play almost as much as I love to cheer him on. Some may think my boisterous cheering is on the borderline obnoxious. During Ryan's football games, I am mic-ed up and known as, "Big League Chooch". I played many different sports growing up and my family members were my biggest fans. My mom yelled and cheered loudly and my dad was pretty vocal too. My grandparents had a horn and a cowbell that they used at all of our games.

Now it's my turn and I am Ryan's biggest and loudest cheerleader. Brian and Jess think that my cheering is obnoxious and annoying. I record my cheering from the sideline and we play it back during the show on a segment we call "Big League Chooch".

Take a listen to my mostly positive, yet obnoxious cheering at my son's flag football game.

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