When this internet challenge came out, I wasn't sure how my dog, Freddie, would react. I wondered if he would even miss me. It's called the "What the Fluff" challenge and I did it with my dog. Here's how he reacted. I had been seeing this "What the Fluff" challenge all over the internet. There was a cute looking dog sitting on a couch and a woman standing near him with a blanket in front of her whole self. She called the dog by name and did a peek-a-boo a couple of times pulling the blanket above her head. Then the last time, when she raised the blanket, she ducked into a hallway or doorway and dropped the blanket. This gave the dog the illusion that she disappeared. The next step is to see what the dog does. Does he get nervous? Does he cry? Does he come look for her?

Well I tried it will my loyal peekapoo, Freddie. Check it out below to see his adorable reaction. (That's my seven year old, Ryan, laughing in the background).

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