You Can Help Capital Region Restaurants With 'Tip-Off Challenge'
The restaurant industry in the Capital Region was hit hard by the pandemic and three counties have come up with a way for diners to support local restaurants and staff. It's called the "Tri-County Tip-Off Challenge" and if you are going out in the Capital Region all month long you can…
Chrissy Does Internet Challenge With Her Dog
When this internet challenge came out, I wasn't sure how my dog, Freddie, would react. I wondered if he would even miss me. It's called the "What the Fluff" challenge and I did it with my dog. Here's how he reacted.
New Law Hopes To Make Pods Safer
There is a new law being introduced that would help make laundry pods safer for children. Although it won't keep teenagers from doing the "Tide Pod Challenge", it may deter them from trying.
This Mannequin Challenge Thing is Viral and Crazy! [Watch]
That's it, Sean and I are definitely going to be trying this tomorrow!  The internet's newest trend is the Mannequin Challenge.  It's super creepy if you ask me, but I think it's really cool!
I like it because unlike some internet video trends, this one is safe, for the …