Chrissy and Jess from Brian and Chrissy in the Morning interviewed country star, Chris Janson. He revealed that his song "Drunk Girl" is one of the most meaningful songs he's ever written and why it's so important for everyone to hear it. Chris Janson is a talented musician and a very compassionate human being. We had a few minutes with him to talk about his latest single, "Drunk Girl", and how he felt a responsibility to write and record it. He also tells us that the response back from the fans about the song has him truly humbled.

We congratulated him on his recent induction into the Grand Ole Opry and chatted a bit about what he and his wife, kids and extended family have planned for Easter. After just a few minutes, you realize what a talented and compassionate man he is.

Click below to hear our entire interview with former Secret Star performer and country music star, Chris Janson.

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