I LOVE Batman. Who doesn't, right? In my eyes, he has always been the greatest of all superheroes and I don't think there have been too many incarnations of the DC Comics hero that I didn't enjoy watching or reading. While I am anxiously awaiting for someone to announce that they are going to do a "Batman Beyond" movie, covering the later years of Bruce Wayne, Fox has thrown me a curveball that I never even considered: Bruce Wayne in his youth. The show is called, "Gotham," a show about the famed city and how it became the bed of corruption and crime that gave birth to one of the worlds greatest superheroes.

This show, from writer/producer Bruno Heller, the man who brought us "Rome" and "The Mentalist," will begin at the turning point in the life of Bruce Wayne, the night his parents were shot by thieves in the street. The story line covers the early career of James Gordon and his relationship with the young boy who is the only survivor and witness when his family was attacked and murdered. The boy who would become Batman.

The show is filled with great actors and will include a look into the youth of not only Bruce Wayne, but also many of the super villains that he will one day have to bring to justice.

Check out the trailer and tell me what you think? Will it be a hit?