In 1985, when the Back To The Future movies came out, I think we all dreamed of owning or at least driving a DeLorean. Even if you couldn't travel back in time, it was still a cool ride. Well the wait is over, it was announced that the DeLorean will be available this spring. It got me thinking, what vehicle from a movie or TV show would you want to own? For me it would have to be the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazard. There was something about that bright orange muscle car with the cool country horn. I didn't even care that the doors didn't work, I thought it was cool that they just slid over the hood and into the seats. That car got some good air too! It was always outrunning and jumping the law.

The other vehicle would absolutely be the Batmobile. That was a cool car. I'm talking old school though. I mean the 1960s TV show one. Although I wouldn't be mad at the modern day armored Batmobile. The gadgets in that vehicle for its time made it incredibly cool.

What TV or movie vehicle would you like to own or at least take it for a ride?

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