NBC announced that they will be bringing back "Must See TV" this fall. That's great and all, but they obviously didn't think about the rest of us that watch multiple shows on different networks.The "Must See TV" umbrella that NBC coined in the early 90's that went through to the early 2000's is getting a reboot of sorts. They announced that Will and Grace will be revived and kick off their Thursday nights at 8pm. The ever popular, emotional, amazingly written show, This Is Us will air on it's new night at 9pm. Then a new division on Law and Order, this time True Crime, will run at 10pm.

On paper this looks great, but let me delve into my TV viewing habits. Thursday nights are already emotional enough. I watch Grey's Anatomy at 8 on a different network. If I stay true to my viewing, I would then go from one emotionally draining show to This Is Us at 9 on NBC. If that wasn't bad enough, NBC, you now want me to watch one of my favorite types of shows, Law and Order: True Crime.

I don't know if I could handle this. I may have to break up my emotional viewing (which comes with emotional eating) and get some laughs in there somewhere. I may have to dvr Grey's just to keep my sanity and get a few laughs in with Will and Grace. Otherwise, Friday mornings I may not be able to gather myself from the night before. I can just see myself wearing sunglasses and a hat so no one can see the bags under my eyes.

I used to love "Must See TV" but I'm not sure my emotions can handle it this time around.

Will you be watching?


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