Listen, I'm a Batman fan. I have never really been a huge fan of Superman although I do enjoy the story. I guess for me, Superman has always had TOO many superpowers and not enough vulnerabilities. This is why I was SURE that when I heard about a new series for TV called "Supergirl" I would definitely HATE it, but to be fair I felt I should at least give it a chance. I actually have enjoyed the show this season and was very happy to find out it was picked up and has been enjoying a good amount of success. Still, I know there are probably many out there who felt like me and just didn't bother giving the show a chance. I think after seeing this, if you are a DC Comic fan, you may.

First I must warn you right now...


Ok, that being said there has been a character this whole first half of the season that we, as viewers, have been led to believe could be one of many great DC villains. The thing about this mystery character is that all we knew that he was some sort of alien. The show built to the mid-season finale and it wasn't until the beginning of the episode that my mind even let me believe it could be who I know knew it had to be. I just could not wait to find out if I was right and at the end of the show it was revealed.


Not only was it who I thought it was but the on-screen transformation and resulting costume and makeup were AMAZING. I have to say, I love that this character has finally made it out of the comics and cartoons and can't wait to see how it unfolds on the show.

Check it out for yourself and tell me you didn't get a few goosebumps at the end of the scene!

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