I had a fantastic experience with the kids from Charlton Heights Elementary School last Friday.  Mrs. Brooks, being the equally fantastic teacher, invited me this early in the year to help kick off a huge anti-bullying campaign that I am involved with, and I certainly appreciated it!  You can listen to the results below!

Before I begin this, I have to sincerely apologize to Mrs. Brooks, the kids and parents who tuned in today.  I went flying out the door this morning and then realized that, even though I had edited the song over the weekend, I somehow forgot to put the finished piece in my briefcase.  Boy, did I yell at myself for about 2 hours today, I felt so horrible about it.  I am posting this now on my blog, but I will also air it tomorrow morning at 7:20 for sure.  Again, many, many apologies.  I will stay after to clean the erasers gladly (do they do that anymore?).  Ok, I will clean every "smart board" in the building and defrag the computers then!


Back to seriousness here, this is the song that the kids came up with.  They wrote and recorded this little jingle in less than an hour.  (Actually more like 45 minutes or so).

Wasn't that great?  Good readers, writers and rhymers in this school!  Special thanks again to Mrs. Brooks and to a fantastic sponsor, Hannaford Supermarkets for sponsoring the program.