You've heard all about how having a pet around can benefit people of all ages!  Reducing stress, calming anxiety, improving morale... so, why not pop one or two into elementary schools?

I think it's a great idea!  And officials at Ichabod Crane Primary School do to!

They're welcoming a new dog to their school to hopefully better serve students by boosting motivation and helping with social skills

According to the Register-Star, the program will start Monday and  include the use of a nine-week-old Australian Labradoodle whose name is yet to be determined as the school's therapy dog!

Australian Labradoodles are hypoallergenic, so that's good news for critics who say dogs don't belong in schools because of allergies.

Teachers at Ichabod Crane Primary School came up with the idea and presented it to the school board.  They observed the school dog program already in place in Guilderland.

The primary school held multiple fundraisers to buy the dog from a breeder in Massachusetts.

Once trained, the dog will go home with one of four therapists at night, and go to school every day.

The school has been taking suggestions for names and has a countdown going to her first day!

For more info and a pic of the puppy, CLICK HERE!



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