There is a petition going around to change Halloween from October 31st to the last Saturday in October. If this comes true, we will all cash in with free Snickers. According to Whiskey Riff, there's a massive push to have Halloween moved from October 31st to the last Saturday in October. This will help those young trick-or-treaters not have to run out of daylight on a weeknight or worry about having to get up the next day for school. It also alleviates the problem of when to host a Halloween party on the weekend either before or after Halloween if it falls during the week.

There is a petition circulating that proposes to move the date of Halloween to that last Saturday of the month of October. Snickers is one hundred percent on board with this move and if it is approved by the federal government and it becomes official, they will give out up to one million free candy bars.

Currently, the petition is up to over one hundred ten thousand signatures. If you would like to make the change click here and do your part to get us all a free Snickers.

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