Check Out This Creative Mechanicville ‘McPromposal’
When you live in a small town like Mechanicville and want to make a statement, or in this case, a promposal, you use the one main sign in the heart of the city. That's what Jason Carron Jr. (JJ) used the Mechanicville McDonald's sign to do the asking for him. The thing is, his girlfriend a…
Would This Sign Make You Buy A House?
Driving through a neighborhood the other day, I noticed a "for sale" sign in the yard of a house with a bit of an incentive on it. I was puzzled. Would this statement on the sign make you buy this house?
K Mart Sign Holders
So I took the family to K Mart yesterday in Latham.  It's closing, so everything is supposed to be marked down to these mega-cheap, over-the-top, sale prices.
I found the mark-downs to be underwhelming.  And, in fact, didn't buy anything...