After a long and grueling season, it all comes down to one race. Today we will find out who will be the NASCAR Spring Cup Champion. Today in Miami, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Joey Logano and Kyle Busch will face off in a winner take all battle to be the champion. Last week when we finally narrowed the NASCAR Chase drivers down to the final four I asked you who you thought would win the 2016 Sprint Cup Championship.

The WGNA listeners have a clear favorite, Jimmie Johnson. Johnson got 44% of the votes while Carl came in second with 28%. 15% of you think Joey Logano will take it all while only 12% feel that Kyle Busch will win today.

As a known Jimmie fan I have to say I love the results of the poll but as a NASCAR fan I have to say it wont be an easy task for the 48 team. Truth of the matter is sometimes it comes down to track preference and Homestead Miami truly favors Carl Edwards. While I believe it will come down to these two veterans, we all know you can never count out Logano or Busch, this should be an exciting race no matter what.



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