Batman and Superman are coming to NASCAR!   Well, kind of!

It will happen on March 20 at the Fontana race track in California. Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. will race "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" style!

What does this mean? Well, Earnhardt will race as Batman and Jimmie as Superman, I am really bummed though, I really wanted Jimmie to be Batman! Caden did too. But, we managed to score these really cool matching #48 Superman T-shirts in Daytona.

Sean McMaster

We will wear them race day to cheer Jimmie on! I probably should have bought Andrea a #88 Batman shirt. It would probably be the only time she would wear something Batman.  Anyway....

The drivers will have new paint scheme on their cars.  These are SO cool!  I am really not sure which I like better!  Both drivers will also have specially designed fire suits!

I really can’t wait for this race!  Who do you think will win, Batman or Superman?