Another Chase week, another questionable wreck!

I may not be the biggest fan of the new format, but I am a fan of NASCAR crash controversies!
Remember 2 weeks ago, when Logano wrecked Kenseth for the win at Kansas Speedway? After that race, speculation was all over the place as to whether Kenseth would retaliate, as it was a wreck that actually kept Kenseth out of the Chase.
Well, if you were at Martinsville yesterday you got your money’s worth! As the Matt Kenseth - Joey Logano feud lived on! And I’m not sure its going to end there!
Here’s what happened.
During one of the restarts, Kenseth was ready to battle Logano for the lead when Keselowski gets into him taking him out.  Keselowski remember, is teammates with Logano.  I'm just saying!!!  So, Kenseth is now 10 laps down and Logano is the race leader. Remember too, Logano has won the last 3 races and probably would have had a 4th straight win. Ok, so just over 20 laps to go, there are Kenseth and Logano right next to each other! What happens next? Kenseth turns up the track and hits Logano into the wall – hard. Just like that, the two are out of the race. The race was actually red flagged as the drivers went to the infield care center. A few minutes later, you hear “security to the infield care center” to make sure the drivers don’t get near each other I would assume. Meanwhile, the crowd is going wild! Cheering at the wreck!

Here is a clip of the wreck:

It was a crazy scene. As you would imagine, Logano is not happy and claims it was intentional. Kenseth on the other hand, claims it wasn’t. He claims a front tire went down “or something”, as he said over his radio!

Take a listen to the driver interviews from the infield care center:

NASCAR is upset at Kenseth’s actions, so we will see if any penalties come down.
But next Sunday I would grab some popcorn and get ready for a good show! I can see this fued living on.

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