Well after a very long season the NASCAR Championship comes down to one race. Next Sunday Homestead - Miami Speedway will be the site for the final race of the 2017 season and only 4 drivers are left in the chase. Those drivers are Jimmie Johnson, Joey Logano, Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch. This should be a good one.

Now if you have been a listener of mine for any time or followed my blogs you know I will be all in for my favorite driver, Jimmie Johnson, but I do wonder how everyone else in the Capital Region feels about it.

Of the 4 drivers left who do you think will or should win the Championship? IS it Carl who really has made a great comeback after being pretty quiet over the last couple of years? Maybe you think youth should take the title in the form of Joey Logano. Would the story be better if Kyle pulls out another Championship perhaps solidifying his spot in racing history? Perhaps like me you just think that the best driver out there should win and that of course is 6 time Champion Jimmie Johnson.

Lets vote!

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