We all have had at least one teacher we will never forget. Whether it be how they taught. How much they helped you. Or in my case a simple statement they said to me.

I was in 11th grade at the time at Lansingburgh High School and the class was Social Studies. I was going through a fairly depressed time in my life. My father was sick and being diagnosed with the Cancer that took his life around this time. I didn't cope too well with this and decided to dye my hair black. Looking back black hair didn't exactly do anything for depression but everyone was doing it.

When I dyed it the first time at home I thought it looked great. That was until I went to school the next day. In my house we had no fluorescent lighting, the school did. Under that lighting my hair didn't look black, it looked blue. That did upset me being a kid who was already depressed now feeling like a freak with blue hair. Now blue hair is kind of normal.

One line was said by my teacher Mr. Organ. A bald late 20's early 30's man who shaved their head not so much by choice. I went to him and asked for a pass to the guidance counselor because I was embarrassed. He said "Man I'd do anything for blue hair, at least you have hair". That line has stuck with me all these 10 years later. At the time I didn't pass any thought on what he had said. But in reality there is a deeper meaning to it. To me I interpret it as don't sweat the small stuff. Blue hair, Blonde or Black. You are you. No hair dye will every change that.

I went through a lot that year and his class was one of the few I excelled at during a hard time of my life. That was due to him helping me endlessly and giving me chance after chance to improve my grade.

Mr. Organ at the time and still does coach girls basketball at Averill Park and has been very successful in that role. Upstate Sports Edge even did a piece on him last week that left a smile on my face and made me think of how such a small statement he said impacted my life.

Check out the video on him at the link below.