Thank A Teacher And Win $500
I know it's the middle of the summer and the last thing you may be thinking about is school, but there is a way you can reward a special teacher and, in turn, reward yourself.
Can Anybody Do Simple Math Anymore? (AUDIO)
The other day I was in a local mall buying some clothes and my total came to something like $48.18.  The girl behind the register was maybe 30 years old.  I handed her a $100 bill and after she scanned it to make sure if it wasn't a fake, she paused.  After about 30 seconds, panic set in as she real…
The Best State To Be A Teacher
There is a study out that lists, out of the entire country, which is the best state to be a teacher. The criteria varied between fair pay, teacher turnover and per student teacher ratio. The top state may surprise you.
Teachers…Today You Get FREE Chipotle – Here’s How
Celebrating our educators is a must and today Chipotle is doing just that by giving a great offer to our teachers!
Today from 3pm-close they are giving educators the opportunity of a buy one/get one deal on burritos, bowls, salads or orders of tacos!
Teacher Arrested And Tennessee Student Found Safe
I am fascinated by crime stories and unsolved cases. I am also convinced that I will find someone on the run or capture a criminal. Having said that, I was so relieved to find out today that the teacher and student on the run for the last five weeks were not only found but that the 15 year old …
Saratoga Springs is Mourning the Loss of a Favorite Teacher
Anthony P. Bellai a popular coach and physical education teacher who was just 51 passed away over the weekend, and now students and staff, along with Bellai's family, are mourning the loss.
Mr. Bellai was the head of the physical education department at Saratoga Springs High School, a wrestling, cros…

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