*This was one of my favorite stories of the summer. My cousin Michael Cavotta retired after 30 years of teaching at Shaker. I really enjoyed interviewing him on what he plans on doing now.

My cousin Mike, or, as many in the North Colonie community know him as Coach Cavotta,t only going to be remembered for the thousands of students he has impacted but he also created his own sport called Cavotta Ball. We are a very tight-knit family. Mike is my first cousin as he and my dad are brothers. We have always been close. He is truly an amazing teacher, coach, mentor, and one of the greatest pranksters, especially in our family.

I want to share with you an interview that Brian and I did with my cousin Mike talking about his retirement and his thirty years of teaching. He started right out of college and felt that he had found his dream job. It was uncharted waters and he was scared about beginning what would be his thirty-year legacy. We talked with him about how he felt when he started and now as he retires, how his last year was eerily similar due to the pandemic.

My cousin Mike always strived to do the best for his students. He wanted to set an example and be a role model and someone they can turn to. That, he said what he wanted to be remembered for. He actually created a sport that he said allowed everyone to participate in and be part of no matter what your athletic ability is. He blended a ton of different sports into one he calls Cavotta Ball. He explains how he came up with it and why it was so important to make all kids feel included.

It's important to note that Cavotta Ball now goes beyond just Shaker. It is on curriculums across New York State. This is another part of his legacy for sure.

Coach Cavotta, my cousin Mike, says he will spend his retirement, for now, golfing, gambling, and fishing until he gets bored and then changes it up as he sees fit.

Congrats, cuz on thirty amazing years and happy retirement.

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