Have you ever heard the term before? Do-gooder? I've always heard it used oddly as a NEGATIVE term! Never understood that. How could doing good for others be anything but a positive? Isn't it something we should all strive for?   Well, hopefully we can change the perception. I present a new running series of blogs- the Sean and Richie Do-Gooders of the Week. Here are our first winners!

Meet Easter Raath and Caley Quinn.  Sorry, I don't know a lot about Easter, but Caley is actually the daughter of a good friend of mine, Mark Quinn.  We lost touch over 30 years ago,  having thankfully reconnected with him and his wife Bonnie at my  Long Island High School reunion.   But I digress.  (Sorry, Mark, it can't always be about you-LOL)

He mentioned at that time that his daughter and friend were volunteers in Swaziland thru an organization called "Partners In Action"   Then within the past couple of days he sent me more information.  After reading this, I said to myself-"now here's yet another example of people who are  something fantastic and none knows about it!"

Caley is a volunteer for the Enduduzweni Care Center-they care for children who's parents are away for long hours working, leaving these kids without food , basic necessities and supervision.   Easter is a 1st grade teacher at the Bulembu Christian Academy.

These kids need a Christmas, and these women wanted to help raise money to give 300 children a party.  Here's what they are doing to raise the funds:

How amazing is that?  Walking for 7 hours (40KM!) to give to others.  If you'd like to give to them so they can give to others, you can sponsor them at the Partners In Action website, and under the continent of Africa, choose Swaziland projects and volunteers.  Then find the icon for Caley and Easter's Christmas 2011 40 KM Walk.

This is a very last minute appeal.  The walk is December 3rd!

Thanks Caley and Easter for all you do.  You done  good, you Do-Gooders!

If you'd like to submit your own Do-Gooder to be featured, please do in the comment section, or send to Richie@wgna.com.  (and thanks for sending this Mark-you and Bonnie "done good" as parents too!)