This one got a bit delayed, and I apologize for that, folks.  But now, without even FURTHER delay, here is your song with photos that I snapped on my way through the area one day! 

Before you hear this, hanks to all of the Facebook folks who wrote in from this great little Fulton County town.   The more info, the better!

Sorry I couldn't squeeze everything into a 2 minute parody.  That's why the photos show different things than the song mentions - so I can get twice the content in.  (Sneaky, huh?). Here's the slideshow, with lyrics to follow!

                                               Lyrics ©2014 Richie Phillips
                                                      All Rights Reserved
                                              Parody of "Creepin'", by Eric Church
Ful-Ful-Fulton County
Ful-Ful-Fulton County
Check the history books, and you'll get a little taste
That this was named for a Scottish place
They took Johnstown in Mayfield and put it together
They came up with the town and there is none better than Broadalbin, Broadalbin
If you take a little drive, make sure you plan
Get your pork chops down at Meat Land
And if dig steak, make sure you save
A little time to build a burger at a place called Kraves
in Broadalbin, Broadalbin
There's Eagle Mills, a Cider Mill
The kids love the cider donuts and they always will,
A Stewarts shop the Pizza Supreme
And in the summer Dairy Frost has the best ice cream
Broadalbin, Broadalbin
We have to mention the winterwhere you can cross country ski
And you can go ice fishing though your butt's going to freeze
Visit Susan Sanford School for the dance recital
The Odyssey of the Mind made it to the world final
Broadalbin, Broadalbin -this place is good
You wanna see people get a great reaction
take them down to that animal attraction
And folks, if that doesn't make your day,
Once a year they have a holiday parade in Broadalbin, Broadalbin
Go to George's, get your car fixed
He's a great guy ==not looking to get rich
There's the fire department, and Troop 51
who never forget 911 in Broadalbin, Broadalbin
Ful-Ful-Fulton County

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