Last night I remembered why I hate that the Superbowl is hardly ever outdoors where the weather can play a part in a games outcome. Monday Night Football last night was live from TCF Bank Stadium the home the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. Meaning it was the first time The Viking hosted an outdoors game since 1981. Everytime a player went to the ground they slid like 10 yards. You could see every breath they took and the picture of what a NFC Norse division game is suppose to be was front and center. In true Favre fashion the gunslinger was a surprise start most likely ending his career in a game that will probably be remembered because the Metrodome collapsed or the blistering cold and concrete field or even Devin Hester’s amazing performance. I will remember the short pass from Favre to Harvin that ended in TD. Brett Favre at 100 years old with duct tape, bubble gum, screws, more surgeries then I can count and LOTS of pain shots jumping around like a high school QB throwing his first ever touchdown. Love him or hate him I can’t remember anyone that played football with the child like wonderment Favre did. If last night was his last game which after a concussion I have to believe it was then he went out against one of his career long rivals in a landmark game on freezing cold frozen tundra with the Bears chasing him. So now it’s on you Peyton Manning with 205 consecutive starts at Quarterback. That means almost 6 straight seasons without missing a start to break Favre’s streak.